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Is Brain Stroke getting into your Head?

Most of us stroke the head and look nervous when the word ‘brain stroke’ has been heard. Do you think brain stroke is something you need to be seriously worried about? Yes, it is. All of us know that the aftermath of the stroke is complicated as it can lead to permanent disabilities.

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Some people who might get brain stroke in future may have slurred speech and lack of coordination, some might have numbness in one part of the body. Another bunch would be having vision problems. Haven’t you seen people with almost similar disorders? If so, it is high time you make sure that they consult a neurosurgeon at the earliest because all these symptoms are much in relation with brain stroke. There are many hospitals in and around Hyderabad to lend their hands for the treatment of stroke. Out of these, Star Hospital headed by Dr. Sai Sudarsan, Neurosurgeon in Hyderabad is considered the greatest and effective.

Do you know what a stroke is?

Most of you might be of the view that stroke is a terrific medical condition. Of course, it is. The blood supply to either a part of the brain is cut off in the patients affected by stroke. That is, it happens as a result of breaking down of the blood vessels in the brain. This would definitely result in prevention of blood and oxygen from reaching the tissues of the brain.

Every Disease happens because of a Strong Reason

These are a few causes of brain stroke
1. Obesity
2. Early family history of stroke
3. Boozing and consumption of drugs
4. Unhealthy lifestyle
5. Age issues
6. High cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure

Brain Stroke Symptoms

It is always helpful to know the symptoms before they turn worse.

1. Weakness in limbs and facial muscles
2.  Paralysis of half body
3. Fatigue and difficulty in balancing
4. Speech loss
5. Severe headache and inability to move the eyes rapidly
If you have got a couple of the given symptoms, never hesitate to walk to the nearby hospital.

How Is Diagnosis of Stroke done?

As soon as the doctor compares the medical condition of the patient with the symptoms and signs of brain stroke, he would ask him to carry out a few medical tests such as blood tests, MRI and CT Scan, Carotid Ultrasound, Electrocardiogram, Cerebral Angiogram and Echo Cardiogram.

Treatments Available

Depending on the type of the stroke the patient had, the doctor suggests different kinds of medication. They are Anticoagulants (to reduce the inability of the blood to clot), Tissue Plasminogen Activator (to break up a blood clot), Antiplatelet Drugs (to make blood platelets unable to stick together), Statins (to reduce the cholesterol levels) etc.

There are a few medical techniques as part of the treatment of strokes for the two types of strokes such as Ischemic Stroke and Hemorrhagic Stroke. A few of them include:

Ischemic Stroke:

Mechanical Thrombectomy:
A catheter is inserted into the large blood vessel inside the patient’s head. Then the clot is slowly pulled out of the vessel using a device.
With the aid of a stent (a metal tube), the narrowed arteries are inflated.

Hemorrhagic Stroke:

A long tube to the blood vessel that has been weakened is inserted followed by installation of coil-like device into the same area. Thus the blood flow to the area is blocked and bleeding is reduced.
An aneurysm (a ballooned area in the artery) that might bleed anytime has to be prevented from bleeding. In order to do this, a clamp is placed at the roots of an aneurysm.
If all these techniques do not work well with you, the only way out is to go for a surgery as early as possible so that the blood clot and plaques be easily removed.

Prevention is better than Cure

Anybody can reduce the risk of this life-threatening diseases if they are willing to eat a healthy diet, refrain themselves from smoking and drinking and practice exercises on a regular basis.
Please bear in mind that only early diagnosis and better treatment for the person can help bring him back to normalcy. Anytime you find there is a huge possibility for brain stroke for you or your loved ones, pay a visit to Star Hospital. Dr. Sai Sudarsan is all set to welcome you here for the best Brain Stroke treatment in India.

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