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Aneurysm Treatment For Bulging Of Artery In Hyderabad

Brain aneurysm is a bulge in the wall of blood vessels in the brain. It is usually occur in the weakened area of inner muscular layer of blood vessels. When blood passes through the weakened area of the blood vessels, the part is affected and bulging of arteries due to the increased blood pressure.

Symptoms Of Brain Aneurysm

  •   Severe headache
  •   Dilated pupils
  •   Sensitivity to light
  •   Loss of vision or double vission
  •   Pain around your eyes or on the sides of face  
  •   Weakness or numbness on one or both sides of body

Treatment Techniques For Brain Aneurysm

 Endovascular Cooling

 In this treatment procedure, thin tube is passed through the artery containing aneurysm. Bulging of artery is a serious condition and this can be removed by appying the electric current through platinum coil. The coil helps the clotting of blood and prevents the blood flow through artery.

Surgical Clipping

In this surgical process, neurosurgeon needs to make a cut to open the skull to acess the aneursm. After locating the affected part containing aneurysm, place a small metal clip on its neck inorder to prevent the blood flow to the aneurysm.

Brain aneurysm can be prevented by the lifestyle changes and controlling the blood pressure. It can be only possible by the assistance of a brain surgeon. Dr.Sai.Sudarsan provides best treatment for brain aneurysm.

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