Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Effective Back Pain Treatment in Chennai, India

As we grow old the spine changes, often leading to deterioration of bones, lumbar disc disease, muscles and ligaments. These effects of ageing can lead to narrowing of the spinal canal and compression of nerves at the level of lumbar spine.


The major reason for the back pain lower and leg pain is Lumbar Spinalstenosis. This can also sometimes be caused by osteoporosis or tumour.

By the age of 50, degenerative changes of spine are seen in up to 93% of people.

The increasing pain in the leg while walking is the typical symptom of Lumbar Spinal stenosis which decline ones activity. Other symptoms are tingling and numbness that originates from the lower back.

These patients are normally comfortable at rest and cannot walk long without developing the pain. The seriousness and symptoms differs with each person and treatment plan will be devised accordingly if the non surgical or lumbar herniated disc treatment is suitable.

If other medications and therapies fail to produce the expected result, then the doctors will suggest for the Minimally Invasive LumbarDiscectomy (MILD) procedure. This process is performed through a tubular device and is recommended to relieve the pressure on spinal cord or compressed nerves.

MILD is advisable for patients who have leg pain that restricts the daily activities, numbness or leg weakness or feet etc.


MILD is performed with the assistance of a surgical microscope andmicrosurgical procedures which requires only a small incision. This process removes the portion of fractured disc and excess ligament tissue which help to restore the space in the spinal canal. Patient will get relieved from pain and restore the mobility.

Once the surgery is done the patient will be moved to recovery room where he or she stays for hours only. The recovery time is less compared to the conventional lumbar surgeries.

Recent studies have shown that MILD has successful results to about 80 % of patients and proven to be a very low risk procedure. It is highly noted that all patients are not suitable for MILD and is better to consult with the doctor before choosing the MILD. 

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