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Dealing with Head Injuries...

Head injuries can be defined as any sort of injuries that occur to the skull, brain, scalp or tissues and blood vessels in the head. They can range from a mild bruise to a complicated brain injury. The treatment and other consequences of head injuries vary depending on its nature and severity.

Causes of head injuries

Head injuries can occur due to various reasons including trauma from accidents, due to powerful blows resulting from falls, physical assault or as a part of sports injuries. In babies, head injuries can occur due to excessive shaking.

Some of the common head injuries include concussions, hematoma, haemorrhage, edema, skull fractures (depressed, diastatic, basilar, and linear) and so on.

Symptoms of head injury

Our head has more blood vessels than any other part of our body and hence injury results in bleeding either internally or externally. The symptoms of head injury may not be grave initially and may vary depending on the injury.

A minor head injury may be characterised by the following symptoms: -
  • A headache or light-headedness
  • Nausea
  • A spinning sensation and mild confusion
  • Ringing in the ears
A severe head injury is often accompanied by symptoms like loss of consciousness, vomiting and seizures, coordination or balance problems, abnormal eye movements, inability to focus, worsening headache, memory loss and mood changes.

Diagnosis and Treatments of head injury

Head injuries can be diagnosed with the help of physical examination, blood tests, CT scans, X-rays, MRI and EEG. These tests help the doctor identify the cause, extent and intensity of the injury. The treatment is decided based on many factors such as the age and medical condition of the patient along with the severity of the injury.

Severe head injuries might warrant surgery to correct and manage blood clots and repair skull fractures. They also help in preventing further brain tissue damages.

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