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Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment in Hyderabad

Trigeminal Neuralgia or otherwise known as Fothergill's disease is a medical disorder which is indicated by such intense and intolerable pain in the face and in turn has great affect on the trigeminal nerve. A trigeminal nerve is a particular nerve that carries sensation from face to brain.
A trigeminal nerve consist of three major branches:

1. Ophthalmic nerve (V1)
2. Maxillary nerve (V2)
3. Mandibular nerve (V3)

All among them gets affected individually or in a combination of branches.
Trigeminal neuralgia mostly involves the maxillary nerve(V2) and mandibular nerve(V3) of the trigeminal nerve. The pain may be felt in the eye, nose, ear,teeth, jaw, lips, scalp, forehead, cheeks and side of the face. If you are a victim of Trigeminal Neuralgia, even the slightest stimulation to your face such as daily routine activities can cause extreme pain.

Trigeminal neuralgia is seen mostly in women than men who are older than 50 years of age.

Symptoms of Trigeminal neuralgia:

  •  Severe pain, a feeling like getting an electric shock.
  • Pain occuring in one particular spot or scattering in several directions.
  • Sudden occurence of pain while doing daily activities like brushing teeth, talking etc.
  • The Pain attack becoming frequent and lasting over time to time.
  • Pain that occurs at regular intervals of time.

If in cases, you are coming across severe and intense pain, it should be taken seriously immediately go for medical help.

Diagnosis of Trigeminal neuralgia :

Your Doctor will diagnose Trigeminal neuralgia based on the following :

  • The Type :It simply means as to what type of pain has occurred - sudden, electric shock like
  • The Location : This means pain affected part of the face.
  • Triggers - The Trigeminal pain is brought on by slight stimulation of cheeks such as talking, eating, drinking, putting on make up, washing face, brushing teeth, Shaving or exposure to cool breeze etc.

Doctor may also proceed with several tests such as :

           Here the doctor will examine parts of your face to determine exactly where the pain has                      originated from.

          Here the doctor may require you to undergo MRI scan of head to find whether other conditions           such as tumor etc has lead to this condition of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia :

The first and the foremost step for its treatment is Medication, in most of the cases people doesn't need any additional treatment.
Over time, there a situation will occur when the medications will not have any affect on the patients or they may face some unpleasant side effects. This might lead taking other trigeminal Neuralgia options like surgery, injection etc.

The two commonly prescribed medications are as follows:
Keep in mind that this should be done only after consulation with the appropriate doctor.

   Here, the Doctor may prescribe Carbatrol, Tegretol and other anticonvulsant drugs for example          Trileptal.

   Here, the Doctor may prescribe muscle-relaxation agents such as Gablofen, Lioresal. This may be      used as such or in combination with carbatrol, Tegretol etc.

Surgical and Other procedures for Trigeminal Neuralgia:

 Radio frequency thermal lesioning:
 Balloon compression
 Glycerol injection
 Gamma Knife radiosurgery
 Microvascular decompression

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