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Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment In Telangana

Deep brain stimulation is a surgical procedure used to treat a variety of neurological symptoms, mainly as parkinson's disease. Parinson affects the nerve cells in the brain results in the death of dopamine degenerating cells. It is the most affordable treatment for the people who are affected by the parkinson's syndrome. It develops further and starts with tremor in one hand and it affects your movement.

Symtoms Of Parkinson's Disease

  •  Rigid muscles
  •  Slowed movement
  •  Loss of automatic movements
  •  Speech changes
  •  Loss of balance

 Main Causes

  •   Bleeding
  •   Infection

Treatment For Parkinson's Syndrome


It is the most powerful drug used, inorder to treat the parkinson's syndrome.The slowness movement, rigidity and the stiffness of the muscle can be effectively controlled by levodopa medications.

Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

The main goal of treatment is to cure the parkinson's disease, for that reduce the symptoms and thereby restore dopamine production in your body and to improve your health. In this treatment procedure, electodes is impanted in to the specific area of the brain where control your movement. It thern connected to the pulse generator implanted in your chest area. These results in the impulses flow to the targeted area and improve the overall health.

Deep brain stimulation treatment is the effective method to treat the parkinson's syndrome including bleeding & infection. Dr.Sai.Sudarsan provides best treatment in Hyderabad.

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