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Head Injury Treatment in Hyderabad

Head Injury is any sort of Injury to your brain,skull or scalp.The injury may be only minor bump on the skull ( no break in the skin) or serious brain injury (skull bone is broken). The consequences and treatment vary greatly, depending what caused your head injury and how severe it is.


Common causes are:
Common  causes of head injury includes falls, Vehicle related accidents, violence
sports injuries, explosive blasts,physical assaults​ etc.

Symptoms :
-Vomiting, balance or Coordination problems,dizziness, memory loss,
confusion,nausea, loss of muscle control, headache, changes mood are the symptoms for Minor head injuries.
-A loss of consciousness,seizures,vomiting,balance or coordination problems,serious disorientation and inability to focus the eyes,abnormal eye movements,a loss of muscle control,persistent or worsening headache,memory loss, changes in mood are them symptoms of severe brain injuries

Treatment :
Head Injuries should not be taken lightly You should directly go to the Doctor If you are thinking that you have the symptoms of major injury.The treatment of head injury is depend upon patient condition and injury.

For minor injury:
In minor Head injuries usually any treatment is not required other than rest and over-the
-counter pain relievers to treat a headache.that person who has a minor head injury
usually needs to be monitored closely at home for any persistent,new symptoms.

For major injury
In case of serious brain injury you should always call medical helpline number.You may need to be hospitalized if you have a serious Brain injury.The treatment you receive at the Hospital will depend on your diagnosis.

-Wear helmet if you are going out by two wheeler.
-Wear your seat belt every time you drive.
-Walk carefully on slippery floor like tile,marble, wet floor.
-Use head gear for sports.

The hospital offers best Head Injury Treatment in Hyderabad with the help of dedicated team of doctors and other staff.

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