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Get Effective Treatment For Back Pain

Disc Replacement surgery, also called disc arthroplasty or cervical disc replacement, is one of the latest treatment options for degenerative disc diseases, where the damaged discs are replaced by an artificial disc. Disc replacement surgery helps in restoring full motion capabilities and eliminating pain related to disc injuries or irregularities.

Disc deformities cause excessive pressure on spinal cord and associated nerves which lead to severe pain in the lower back. This can be cured by replacing the concerned disc and restoring the spine structure. Disc arthroplasty helps in re-establishing the normal disc functions. of Disc Replacement Surgery

Disc replacement surgery can be distinguished to different types depending on the extent of replacement carried out. The surgical procedure where the whole disc structure is replaced is called total disc replacement. Here the whole or most of the disc tissues are replaced by an artificial prosthesis.

Disc nucleus replacement involves the replacement of the centre of the disc, also called disc nucleus.

Procedure of Disc Replacement Surgery

The procedure of disc arthroplasty is conducted under general anaesthesia. The deformed disc is removed through an incision made on the neck. The artificial disc is implanted after decompressing the associated nerves. The procedure is comparatively simpler and less painful than other spinal surgeries.

Benefits of Disc Replacement Surgery

The major benefits of the surgery are as follows: -
  • Restores motion and provides relief from pain
  • Does not cause harm to adjoining joints or discs
  • Reduces cervical collar immobilisation
  • Does not require bone grafting
  • Can prevent the accelerated degeneration in the discs
  • Reduces oesophagus irritation and swallowing difficulties
The procedure is not fit for those suffering from conditions like osteoporosis, spinal infections or tumour, spondylolisthesis and so on. It is also not performed in case of pregnancy or on children.

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